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Best Budapest breakfast Spots to start your day! A top 5 list!

on July 27, 2018

Top 5 Best Budapest breakfast spots to start your day with!

Start with the best Budapest Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, As your mom probably told you, and BudaTaste agrees! Maybe only more important is to start your day in the right place with the right people!

But we will leave the choice of your breakfast companions to you, and only post our recommendations for the best Budapest breakfast.

Here we have the best places for you to spend your delicious morning at!

First things first – Budapest breakfast!

Scroll down and check out our list best breakfast Budapest and brunch cafes in the city! Or let us guide you since there are THE BEST sweet cafes you can eat at for FREE in our Budataste Food Passport of Budapest. Or instead of following this amazing list you prefer that we guide you, we can in one of our food tours! But check out the list here below first!


Cinnamon cafe is a bright and cozy corner cafe on Buda side


Cinnamon is approximately a 7 minutes walk from the Batthyány square and has the best Hungarian style omelet. (MAP HERE) This is a perfect place for a great Budapest breakfast. On the sweet side, they also might have the best donuts. They really go well with a hot cup of coffee : )

This the bright cafe will welcome you with the refreshing lemonades and yogurts.  On a hot summer day like these, this is perfect. Or with a warm coffee with the croissant or a donut on a rainy morning. You’ll really enjoy this spot as one of the best breakfast in Budapest.


Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Isn’t it looking super delicious? (Photo cred: Cinnamon Facebook page – check it out for more)


Eggs Benedict is the breakfast to die for at Cinnamon, but make sure to try out as much as you can from the menu. All items will make the beginning of your day very special! Cinnamon’s baristas are also great masters of coffee. And as we all know: this the most vital fuel for the right start. Perfect for anyone looking for an authentic Budapest breakfast.

If you are driving there, make sure to check out our post on free parking in Budapest : )


Follow this link to check out BudaTaste’s amazingly delicious experience with Cinnamon!


Warm Buda sunlight coming from the wide windows of Cinnamon, a well made cup of invigorating coffee and a delicious freshly cooked breakfast by your side. What else would anyone wish to kick start a day with?

Second breakfast champ on BudaTaste’s list is STIKA!


Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Photo credit: STIKA Facebook page


STIKA is cozy Budapest breakfast place in the downtown Pest is located in one of the busiest streets of the city – Dob street. (MAP HERE)

STIKA has a great variety of egg-based breakfast options to offer to its visitors at all times from regular Crispy or Sausage Eggs to Royal Salmon and Florentine Eggs!

STIKA can get very busy. So it is not the best option to go there if you are in a hurry if you need a quick breakfast. STIKA is a place for a slow and lazy Budapest breakfast and occasional waiting is absolutely worth it, especially if you order some Mimosa!


  • Personal recommendation is the pineapple-mango freshly made lemonade! Yummy!


Third place in our list of the best Budapest breakfast is taken by Keksz!


Keksz is located in a very interesting place – Madách Imre Square – in the center of Budapest near by Deak Ferenc square. Keksz is waiting for you with its very nourishing all day Budapest breakfast menus!



Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Photo credit: Keksz Facebook page

The place looks very busy from aside, but the service won’t let you wait long for your order no matter what you would like to have.

Keksz is divided into two different parts. One is always noisy, living outside terrace where you feel yourself a part of the big Budapest city life. Madách Imre square, where this cafe is, has great vibes going on around you. The other one is the inside part of the place with its mellow music beats and cozy modern comfortable aura. Up to you what kind of Budapest Breakfast morning you are expecting to be a part of!

Next is Sonkapult, a tiny, sunny and super friendly place to hang out for breakfast or brunch!


Sonkapult is another one of BudaTaste’s favorites for a Budapest Breakfast, and (MAP HERE) is just a 5-minute walk away from Keksz,

Incomparably friendly service, super refreshing ice-coffee and big freshly-cooked portions – what a morning, huh?

Sonkapult is the place where you will be welcomed like you are part of their family. Your food will be well-presented for your great #instafood post on Instagram! And it boost your positive energy with its deliciousness!

If you’re lucky enough for a nice Budapest Breakfast when you visit Sonkapult, you will also meet the main service member of the cafe – Zsozso. He is a  cute little puppy that welcomes each and every customer with the cutest “woof” and smile!

While you are waiting for your food at Sonkapult, you can already smell it while its being cooked in the same room. You will be able to smell that it’s really one of the best breakfast in Budapest! That will for sure boost your appetite and you will enjoy your dish even more!

Make sure to order something with bacon as this is cafe’s specialty!

Budapest Breakfast, Budataste

Budapest Breakfast, Budataste

Photo credit: Sonkapult Facebook page



Finally, Impostor is our last but not least favorite Budapest Breakfast spots of Budapest!

Impostor sounds like a very unexpected option for Budapest breakfast, (MAP HERE) however continue reading for more info (and make sure to check out our interview with Impostor later)!

Impostor Mistress and The Cafe Club Budapest in Szabadság tér are placed in one of the oldest buildings of Budapest – former home of Liberty Stock Exchange – built in 1905.
The café will take you to the “Only Lovers Left Alive” movie vibe. There is a great combination of a good coffee smell, mellow tunes, vintage furniture and graffiti paintings on the walls. (Pay attention to the graffiti as it can be a sign of destiny)!

Normally, Impostor Mistress does not serve breakfasts, however they change it on Sundays and they throw an amazing Breakfast club events and Community Grills in their yard!



The next Breakfast Club is planned to happen on 12th of August! You do not want to miss this because Impostor will invite chef Tamas Jaki to cook for the guests!


Grill Communities are taking place every Sunday: that is a great breakfast idea for you and your family/friends as you can bring your own ingredients and enjoy cooking yourself! Impostor Mistress kindly provides you with all the necessary equipment, refreshing drinks and positive energy! It’s a fun grill in the city!

Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Budapest Breakfast and brunch, Budataste

Photo Credit: Impostor Mistress Facebook page


We hope you’ll attend the recommended cafes and events soon and enjoy your time!

Let us know what you ordered and how you liked it! We are always curious about your foodie experience!


Written by the best food guide in Budapest, Daria Bezhan. I live on Instagram: here.


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