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About Budataste

Budataste, a Budapest food Guide, was born out of love for the great people, sights, and food of Budapest, Hungary. After seven years of experience in hospitality in the Caribbean, and after years of visiting Budapest, we want to share with the world the same great experiences that we have had here in Budapest.

More then a food tour, we want to be your main tool in where to visit when you first arrive to Budapest. We can of course pencil you in for a fantastic guided tour with our Budataste specialists, deliver a Budataste food passport for you to discover the city and it's amazing food on your own, or just be a guide through our blogs, instagram and facebook for the best new local places to eat and drink. Allow us to help you explore and eat your way though Budapest!

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Rely on Budataste as a tool to guide you to the best places to eat and drink while visiting a new town: Budapest <3

Budataste, Budapest guide