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on August 9, 2018


Budapest street food is awesome! And the BudaTaste team has made a list of the best Budapest Street Food spots that you won’t want to miss this summer!

There is so much to see and to experience in Budapest, that you often do not get any chance to just relax with a full meal and a cocktail? Or two?

Solve this rush with a bite from one of the Budapest best street food locations in the Hungarian Capital. A favorite for Budapest locals and visitors alike to avoid hunger and stay in the flow of the vibrant city life.

The positive attitude, the freshness and the great taste of the food will make your day!

Budapest street food

Budapest street food

First things first: KARAVÁN! A cheerful wooden food town in the heart of the city.

KARAVÁN is located in the very heart of the Jewish quarter of Budapest – Kazinczy street. KARAVÁN treats its guests with all possible and the most diverse Budapest street food options.

So many offers!

They have traditional warm Hungarian soups in Nyakleves , spicy and senses-weakening tacos and tortillas at The Street Buffet, some outstandingly delicious vegetarian options at Las Vegan’s. They also have traditional Hungarian chimney cake at Kürtős Legenda and many more options including meaty burgers, Italian pizzas and pastas and even a local bar. The Karaván Drink Bar will make every thirsty throat happy on a super hot summer day!

Touristic activities can get everyone a bit busy these summer days, especially in such a festive and lively city as Budapest! Grab a quick street food bite and a drink here at KARAVÁN for a quick break.

Every foodie will find his/her own treasure in KARAVÁN’s kiosks!

Budapest street food

Budapest street food

Photo credit: KARAVÁN Facebook page

The festive aura of the place will make you want to stay and chill there for the rest of the day, forgetting about all your sightseeing plans! And, we gotta say, it is not a bad plan!

After this great Budapest street food hub, you can go to Szimpla! It’s very nearby and one of the best ruin pubs in Budapest. KARAVÁN may also serve you delicious breakfast after your wild night out at Kazinczy street! Check out our best breakfasts in Budapest here!

Interesting fact is that KARAVÁN is the first and probably the best Budapest street food court in the city.

Cool Events

On 8th of September, KARAVÁN and British Street Food will partner up to organize the first European Street Food Awards in Budapest! Don’t miss to try the participants’ food! BudaTaste team will be there to have a bite of everything!

Second awesome place (list-wise and definitely not taste-wise!) is Bors GasztroBár!

Bors GasztroBár is located only 3 minutes walk from KARAVÁN right next to Szimpla!

You will definitely get the hyperactive, super fun vibe when you enter the place! (With a splash of Star Wars vibe, too!)

For sure you’ll get a busy Budapest street food atmosphere! This soup heaven is located right in the heart of the night life of Budapest. Very popular among locals! Despite the big lines you see in Bors GasztroBár, you be served with the best accuracy and speed you can ever imagine!
Budapest street food

Budapest street food

Great atmosphere

Bors staff is a great example for a lot of cafes and restaurants in Budapest as they instantly become friends with you. They will recommend you their best daily Budapest street food offerings and make your day brighter with a kind smile or a good joke! It’s the kind of staff that Budataste looks for that makes great experiences..

Lets pay a special attention to what they have to offer!

Bors GasztroBár is the best soup and sandwich place in Budapest –  a fact that is checked and verified by 100% of their customers!

You should try it yourself and you’ll definitely come back 100 more times!

Budapest street food

Budapest street food

Isn’t he looking satisfied with the best soup service in Budapest?

We can’t even have a particular dish recommendation – everything from Bors menu deserves a try! (This is because the menu is different from day to day so they have something to surprise you with every day!) They have grilled sandwiches/baguettes, cold dessert soups to get through hot summer days! And some hot vegetable options during cold periods. Perfect Budapest street food.

The cute doggy looks quite happy with Bors GasztroBár! And so all the customers will look (cute and happy)!

Next is Vegan Garden! A Must-Visit stop!

Vegan Garden, just like the two cool places listed above, is located in the Jewish Quarter on Dob Street in the Rácskert garden.

The 7th District truly gathered all the most delicious Budapest street food places! There will be no foodie left hungry in this area of Budapest!

Vegan Garden has previously been featured in one of BudaTaste articles – city’s best vegetarian/vegan places – follow the link to find out more!
Just like KARAVÁN, Vegan Garden gathered a bunch of the best plant-based Budapest street food presenters.
Budapest street food

Budapest street food

Source: Vegan Garden on social media

Here you can spend time tasting all vegetarian and vegan offerings in five of the garden’s trucks. They have a lot so visit them hungry!

Vegan Garden gathered all the best cultural representatives of Budapest in a cozy and green backyard. Hideg Nyalat, Las Vegan’s, NAPFÉNYES Confectionary and Restaurant, Vegan Street and Vexicana are all represented here!

So may offerings!

This street food heaven has everything you can think of! Vegetarian pizza at Las Vegan’s, vegan chilli con carne at Vexicana, vegetarian cakes and ice creams at Vegan Street. Even vegan yogurts at Hideg Nyalat, and a lot more offerings that you have to try while you are in Budapest!

Make sure to check Vegan Garden Facebook page before attending the place! You might be lucky to catch another weekend market, discount opportunity or another interesting vegetarianism/veganism related event!

Budapest street food

Budapest street food

On 22nd of August, Vegan Garden will be hosting their first Vegan Quiz game

For example, on 22nd of August, Vegan Garden will be hosting their first Vegan Quiz game – with vegan way of life related questions. All guests will get their chance to win a bottle of VEGAN BAILEYS! Follow the event’s link to participate!

Needless to say that pizza is the best street food example and is being appreciated all over the world and is even being specially celebrated once a year on Pizza Day – 9th of February!

Finally, If you are a big pizza fan – make sure to visit the two of the best pizza places in Budapest – Pizzica and PizzaMe!

Budapest street food

Budapest street food

Pizza = Best street food. And the top Budapest street food pizza’s for us are these two. Both places serve the most deliciously greasy pizza slices in Budapest!

Pizzica is a small but very cozy, two-level Budapest street food cafe located at Nagymező street.

Pizzica is in a very lively bar-concentrated area. Therefore, their pizza is getting very popular during late hours and early summer sunrises!

We heard that Italians frequent the place and absolutely approved the local taste! No surprise, because Pizzica’s chefs are using the original Italian ingredients and recipes!

Along with different delicious pizza flavors, Pizzica’s visitors get to try different bottled beers collected form all over the world! The two owners select the beer, and they also have and an upstairs collection of poster art created by Hungarian youth!

On the other hand, PizzaMe is a bigger chain located all over downtown Budapest. But there is no room for comparison – both pizza offerings will melt in your mouth!

It is hard to pick the favorite item from PizzaMe’s table – but we tried. We like the Salami, but it’s the dough and baking method that really make an awesome pizza! It turns out the slice of a fantastic mushroom pizza can make BudaTaste’s team to forget there is a real world out there! You should definitely go to one of PizzaMe’s shops and pick your favorite pizza type! Let us know your favorite!

PizzaMe serves fresh, thin crust (!!!) based pizza. Use the garlic or chili oil that you can pour all over your pizza! You can grab a bottled beer or a lemonade there too. With this amazing Budapest street food, what is not to love?!

The last but not least: Vaskolbász! The most pure Hungarian meaty cuisine!

Source: Vaskolbász Facebook page

Vaskolbász is a small but super cozy shop location on Dob Utca in downtown Budapest. It is a little hidden, however it definitely should be known by many!

The place is serving the best Hungarian grilled sausages, grilled chicken and pork, and well-made traditional black pudding! It’s perfect local street food! Really, all types of Hungarian offerings are paired perfectly together with a bottle of Hungarian Törley wine or Soproni beer. What else can you wish for?

Street food types can differ from country to country, but we can say for sure that Vaskolbász offers the most authentic Budapest street food! Beware of a spicy pickles and some paprika sauce – Hungarian cuisine can make you sweat sometimes!

We hope you’ll attend the recommended cafes and events soon to best enjoy your time!

Let us know what you ordered and how you liked it! We are always curious about your foodie experience!

Written by the best food guide in Budapest, Daria Bezhan. I live on Instagram: here.


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