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Magic of Madách Imre Square in the heart of Budapest!

on July 27, 2018

The Magic of Madách Imre Square in the heart of Budapest!

Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Madách Imre square is in heart of the city center, yet calm and at the same time festive in its own way.

Madách Imre square (MAP HERE) managed to hide in-between the buildings to create its own unrepeatable vibe for all its guests! Learn here with Budataste about the best places to visit here, as well as some quick history : )

Firstly, Madách Imre square has great Budapest Breakfast places that you can find listed here!

When visiting Budapest, make sure to dedicate a couple of hours to check out all the bars, eateries and art galleries Madách Imre square and street has to offer.

Or let us guide you since there are THE BEST sweet cafes you can eat at for FREE in our Budataste Food Passport of Budapest. Or instead of following this amazing list you prefer that we guide you, we can in one of our food tours! But check out the list here below first!

Madách Imre square and it’s residents

This square is located near Deák Ferenc square, the Great Synagogue and the famous Kiraly street with its Gozsdu Udvar, and was named after a famous Hungarian writer and a politician.

As you walk towards the famous arch, leaving Deák Ferenc square behind you, on both sides of the ground floors of the big squared Orczy House you can find bars and bistros. The some of the nicest places in the city center where you can spend your chilly afternoons at. Relax in the square with either a glass of Guinness at Publin Irish Pub or brunching with specialty coffee and some desert in Keksz.
The square was initially planned to be a venue somewhat similar to Andrássy street, however these plans have never come true. And its not a bad thing since something much better has been coming for this lovely piece of land!
Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

First, grab a snack

Before starting your afternoon, check out Konyha to try their super delicious brunch menu on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon! Its refined and at the same time simple design, huge bright windows, refreshing lemonades and laid-back aura of the terrace will make you forget that weekdays exist!

Konyha’s well-presented dishes will pleasantly surprise each and every visitor by its modern interpenetration of the traditional Hungarian cuisine. It’s menu is one of the most favored ones among vegetarians in Budapest! We heard that cold soups are to die for!

If it’s the weekend and you are awake early, check out Budataste’s top 5 breakfast spots here — some are close by! And there is an amazing food truck street food park just up the road on Dob Utca!

A getaway as Orczy would have wanted

The Orczy House itself has a very rich history connected to the Jewish community of Budapest. As BudaTaste’s research showed, the building was named after the most famous aristocratic families in Hungary.
After the death of the last Orczy family member in 1796 (József Orczy), Jewish community of Budapest started renting the huge building as it was suitable for the synagogue use. The community later turned it into the largest tenement house in the city.
Basically, the Orczy House became the great beginning of the Jewish quarter of the downtown Pest!
Let’s pay a special attention to all the nice chilling artsy spots that are awaiting you behind the Orczy House arch.
Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Art and a beer

In 2004, Madách Imre Square became a home for Örkény Theatre. This was a great ensemble that surprises its audiences in Hungary. They had a unique combination of contemporary plays and classic adaptations reflecting the most vital social questions that our society faces daily.
It should absolutely be a must-see activity, even on non-theater-goers list. Each play will give you some brain food to digest, reconsider, and contemplate.

Hangouts with culture

If you are walking by the square and need an energy boost, like cup of coffee or a relaxing bottle of beer, you should definitely pay a visit to Központ and/or Telep.

Telep is an interesting combination of an urban bar with a festive terrace on the ground floor and an contemporary art gallery on the second floor. Visitors should definitely check out its Facebook page not to miss an art exhibition, an upcoming DJ performance, or a movie night at Telep!

BudaTaste had already mentioned Telep in one of our articles as one of the best dog friendly spots in downtown Pest. So whenever you are there, you get a chance to pet one or two four-legged cuties! Check out the post here!


Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Madách Imre ter, Budapest, Budataste

Work before the hangout

Központ is absolutely worth your visit as it is not only a great evening hangout spot or a morning coffee place, but it is also a home to No Vidra Crew. These guys are one of the most famous party organizer groups in Budapest!

Cafe visitors are welcomed by its spacious, bright and colorful vibe to relax from their daily routine.

Some can even get some work or study inspiration here! We recommend this place if you need some laptop concentration time and nice wifi. The cafe’s space organization allows to find your perfect quite corner.


Shop vintage Budapest style

If you are a big admirer of the vintage or authentic local designer clothing, then located right next to Telep is YKRA STORE and Art On Me Shop. These should also be on your Madách Imre square to-do list! We are sure that some interesting fashion items will catch your eye — you won’t leave empty-handed!

Madách Imre square won’t only raise the magical vibrations of your day with the above mentioned theater performances, art galleries, authentic clothing stores, bars and coffee places. But it will also take care of your stomach when you need a bite!

So definitely go brighten up your day and color up your aura with some Madách Imre Square magical energy and let us know how it goes!

This square has a rich past and we are sure even much more interesting future! Be a part of it and go meet your adventures there!

BudaTaste is always curious about your experience!

Written by the best food guide in Budapest, Daria Bezhan. I live on Instagram: here.

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