Budapest Food Passport – Budapest food guide and 6 tastings

Duration: Your own pace (1-3 days)

Location: District IV, V, IX, VII and XII

Food passport


(1) passport per person.

1 passport per person. Passport can't be shared.

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Budapest Food Passport is a tasting guide that offers six tasting courses of quality food as well as a local guide on the top places to eat!

  • Discover the city at your own pace while being welcomed by food artisans in their lovely shops.
  • Self guided Food Tour around Budapest, and a guide with exclusive menus and offerings at the best places to eat in the city
  • 24 authentic locations where you can use your 6x Budapest Food Passport tasting vouchers
  • The pack of 6 vouchers includes 1x for a traditionally made Hungarian Palinka tasting, and several choices for Hungarian Wine Tastings
  • Maximum discounts (10% to 25%) on all guided food tours, full-course tastings, and Budataste trips, on all days of the week during your trip

6 x food tastings, with many great locations to choose from to use the vouchers

1 x traditionally made Hungarian Palinka tasting, and several wine tastings

Discover the city at your own pace while being welcomed by food artisans in their lovely shops

Maximum discounts (10% to 25%) on all guided food tours, full-course tastings, and Budataste trips,

50€, a discounted rate, upgrade option for a 3.5-hour guided tour

Budapest Food Passport by Budataste

The Budapest Food Passport is a self-guided tasting tour around Budapest.

You are given six tasting vouchers from a selected 25 tasting locations (restaurants, cafes, bakeries, confectionaries, coffee houses,) in Budapest. It’s mostly centered around Hungarian Cuisine, so the food passport tastings at each location are items like Langos, Goulash, Hungarian Wines and cheeses, and lesser known local favorites. But there are also items like Macaroons and local Ice Cream. We do have 3 locations that are vegan/vegetarian friendly, though most Hungarian food is meat-based.

How it works

Simply provide the voucher you want to use at any of the 25 food locations to exchange it for our specially prepared menu at that location.

Each Food Passport contains six voucher to explore the options and you can choose which locations want to taste. We do provide suggested routes to help guide you (so you can see all of the top sights, for example,) but you can always use the vouchers in whichever order you’d like.

One voucher we provide is a “golden voucher,” which is a larger offering. This could be a top-quality food tasting, which also includes a wine tasting and a small museum ticket, for example. There are three locations where you can use this voucher.

Explore Budapest through it’s food

Use our Budapest Food Passport! Don’t get stuck in the middle of tourist traps or mild hotel restaurants! Let Budataste show you the must visit places to go in Budapest, and the coolest dishes to try! Don’t overpay for low quality! Taste the best of Budapest, and be able to go back for more!

Discover and experience the best of Budapest at your own pace!

The Budataste idea is to have a Budapest restaurant guide, where you can try Hungarian traditional food that you might not have tried before.

This is a non-guided experience, so you will be able to explore the best foods of the city, and dishes you might not have known about, at your own pace.

Where to eat in Budapest, solved

Budataste takes the mystery out of choosing a good quality authentic Budapest restaurant. It provides tastings at 6 out of our list of the 25 best restaurants in Budapest.

There are Cafes, coffee houses, hidden Budapest gems, classic historical places, sweet confectionaries, cake shops, and even selected Budapest fine dining.

Easily upgrade the Budapest Food Passport to include tickets to a Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus here! This way you get to see the best sights in the city, and the best food. This combination is the best, and quickest, way to see the city.

Easy, valuable, and quick Budapest guide to the best restaurants of the city

There are thousands of restaurants in Budapest. The easiest way to choose where to eat is to stop when you’re hungry. The closest may or may not be a bad restaurant, but what if the place right next door was better, or even one of the best hidden spots in the Budapest!

Though, many times you won’t know until you try a place for yourself. The Budataste community is working to be a guide for these great locations.

Best places in Budapest, chosen and rated by the Budataste community

Visiting Budapest you probably don’t have a lot of time. And eating at a restaurant you end up not enjoying is a huge waste. The Budataste community works to fix this problem with our Budapest food passport!

The locations included in our food passport are chosen, rated, and decided on, by the Budataste Community of foodies. We are always discovering new, and classic, places in the city!

Budataste food Passport VS Budapest Card

The Budataste food passport is a Budapest guide to the best restaurants in Budapest. You get a tasting course at 6 locations of your choosing from the food passport. There are great cafes, confectionaries, master bakers, hidden coffee houses, traditional spots, and of course the best restaurants.

The Budapest card, on the other hand, is really great if you plan on visiting more then one museum per day. If you can see yourself visiting two or three museums in one day, then the Budapest Card is certainly for you.

The reality for most of us is…

If you only see yourself visiting one per day, then you are really just buying a daily metro ticket. And if that is the case then you might wonder is the Budapest card worth it?

Discovering a new city through its food and culinary history can sometimes say more about a culture then a collection of old statues. (However, we have nothing against old statues!) Food brings people together, and what better way to get to know a new culture then by sharing time and bites with locals where they love to eat.

Full Season Use!

Additionally, the Budataste Food Passport lasts the whole season! You can use the whole value of this and visit all of the passport’s food stops in one day (a busy day!) Or it could be in two, or three days, or even over a whole month!

Budapest food passport, combined

If you pair the Budataste food passport with a Budapest city tour, like a hop on hop off sightseeing bus, then there are better ways to use the food Passport. In this case, it’s best to use the food passport tasting vouchers for places around the sightseeing routes, or close to your hotel. Since you’ll already be visiting Budapest sights, use the Budataste food passport to find hidden gems and the best tastings nearby to you.

What’s included in the Budataste Food Passport?

The original Budataste Food Passport includes:

  • A Budapest food guide to the 25 best places and best dishes you MUST VISIT and try in Budapest.
  • All the dishes and offerings and hand-picked as the best
  • Self guided, at-your-own-pace food tasting tour
  • 6 different delicious traditional and modern Hungarian food tastings
  • Traditional Hungarian made Palinka tastings
  • Traditional Hungarian wine tastings
  • If you enjoy this Budapest tour, you will have access to the Budataste Community membership discounts! Enjoy 5% to 15% off our guided walking tours Budapest, guided walking tours of Budapest, Coffee Tours, Budapest Rooftop Tours, and Budapest Night walking tours
  • Upgrade to include a Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tour Bus with your Budataste Community discount!
  • Upgrade to include a Budapest cooking class experience!

This card is intended for visitors who have between 3 hours to up to 5 days to visit and explore the best food, cafes, and restaurants, in Budapest.

Keep using the Food Passport during your stay!

Keep using the restaurants in the Food Passport as a Budapest visitor’s guide to the best places to eat and drink in Budapest. Ultimately, the list is a curated group of our favorite cafes, authentic family run eateries, and hidden gems in Budapest.

If you use all of the 6 food tasting vouchers earlier then you thought you would, and would like to continue the tasting, just let us know! We can sell an additional 6 voucher bundle at a discounted rate!

What is different between the Budataste Food Passport and the Budapest Card?

The Budataste Budapest Food Passport is a Budapest food guide to the 25 best restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, wine bars, and specialty food stores in Budapest. With the Budapest food passport you can experience 6 tastings at these spots.

If you want to explore Budapest through the food passport to taste your way through the city’s best food, this is perfect for you. The Food passport should take 1 to 3 days to complete.

The Budapest Card for 2 days costs about the same, but would be for the Budapest visitor looking to explore the city through museums. The Budapest Food Passport is for the visitor looking to explore the city through it’s food.

For Foodies in Budapest

If you are more of a foodie, and would rather visit two or more great traditional Budapest food hidden gems, then the Budapest Food Passport is for you.

The Budataste food passport is not for everyone. But we would rather visit the best Budapest street food, or the best traditional Budapest Chimney cake. This, to us, is more valuable when exploring Budapest and it’s people, culture, and culinary history.

Budataste Community Rating and Review system

These are not paid for advertisements, and there are no promotions. Simply the best, as we have experienced. (You, too, can be a part of the Budataste community, and be a part of these ratings, click here!)

All places are constantly tried by the Budataste Community, and new places are being considered all the time!

Holidays and Weekends

In the event of holidays, some of the stores included might be closed. Please make sure you review their working hours that are provided in our Budapest Food Passport Card that we will provide, or directly with us. Budapest is very quiet during Sundays and holidays, and many places might be closed.

Guided Tour

Check out our guided tours, or cooking classeshere for something a little more personal!

Budapest By Bus

Combine the Budapest Food Passport with a Budapest hop-on-hop off sightseeing tour! Check out the package here!

Must have Budapest photos

The Budataste food passport is all about food, but it will take you by the best spots for the must have Budapest photos.

A recommended tour routes for the Budataste Food Passport:


Begin your day with a typical Hungarian sweet from our #8 stop, a cute bakery, and local hidden gem, with great handmade traditional breakfast sweets.


Next, head to our #2 stop for a traditional Hungarian morning snack, the famous Langos. This is also a traditional Hungarian late-night snack. It’s a very heavy local food!


Give your stomach break and take a walk through Liberty Square to the Parliament! Both are great sights, but the Parliament is especially impressive.


Then, visit our historical sweet #7 stop and check out the museum here that is included in the tasting.


Stop at our #4 for a really unforgettable, top quality, Hungarian style Foie Gras with a tasting portion of Hungarian wine from a special menu for Budataste guests


This stop also includes a cool ethnographic historical museum! Or you could choose our #5 stop for a meat platter tasting and 3 Hungarian beer tastings


Check out an award-winning tasting at our #19 stop by the Dohány Street Synagogue, or give our amazing Goulash a try at our #21 stop.


For your last Budataste Food Voucher, after visiting all of the best sights in Budapest, either check out our #13 stop for some high-quality Ice cream, OR


Our #12 stop for a special Budataste wine tasting menu of 3 selected tasting portions of great Hungarian wines. Both are close to the Grand Market Hall and the Liberty Bridge

Pick up your Food Passport directly at the shop indicated in your confirmation email. After booking your food passport you will be given instructions on where to pick it up and how best to use this great tool to make your stay in Budapest a delicious exploration of traditional and modern Hungarian flavors.

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Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

Is the Food Passport a guided tour?

The Budataste Food passport is not a guided tour. It is a self guided food tasting experience around Budapest. You receive a conveniently sized book with a fold out map and descriptions to the 25 best places in Budapest for great Hungarian food. You have 6 tasting vouchers to use at any of these locations to sample special Budataste menus that we have prepared with these 25 locations. You can use 1 voucher per location for the special menu. These are tasting sized menus to sample great Hungarian flavors. From tasting sized portion of amazing goulash to  tasting sized portions of Hungarian wines or cheese.

Is there parking available?

Parking is available at each tour’s starting location. After your purchase tickets, you’ll receive emails with parking suggestions.

Are children allowed?

Yes. IDs will be checked, even if you purchase the no-beer ticket. The establishments that we visit will only allow those 21 and above because of the law.

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

Please be sure and let us know if you (or anyone in your group) has a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, allergy, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. As long as we know in advance, we can accommodate your needs.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required. Events typically sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance.

Still have questions?   Visit our FAQ page to submit your own

Loved loved the food tour! It was very convenient convenient for our schedule! We just did our normal sightseeing and stopped at the food places where we wanted to taste the different dishes.

Jeff from St. Louis

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